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In the manufacturing process of ceramics, various dispersants and other additives made by our company are used for the numerous processes that employ water or other solvents in the ceramic particle dispersing process. We offer additives for the manufacturing processes of electronic components, fine ceramics, and slurry.

Additives for the manufacturing of electronic components

Various additives, including dispersants for dispersing ceramic particles in water or other solvents, are used in the manufacturing process of ceramics for ceramic condensers, semiconductors, and other fields in the electronics industry. The molecular weight and distribution of our dispersants have been regulated so as to prevent the agglomeration of ceramic fine particles (from a few hundred nm to 1μm). Our dispersants also contain no alkali metallic elements or elemental sulfur which affect the electrical properties and strength of ceramics, allowing them to be used reliably for the production of electrical parts.

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Additives for the manufacturing of fine ceramics

For the manufacturing of fine ceramics, it is important to select additives which are suitable for the ceramic type (alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, ferrite, aluminum nitride, etc.) and size of the particles. Our original products are composed of carefully selected compositions and offer exceptional performance to deliver high additional value and new functions to products for various industrial applications.

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Additives for the manufacturing of slurry

Molding methods using slurry (casting, tape casting) require additives which allow for preparing a slurry with a suitable fluidity for molding and which stabilize the dispersion of the ceramic particles in water or organic solvents. By applying the extensive paint and papermaking-related technology we have accumulated over the years, we are able to provide the products (dispersants, wetting agents, lubricants and releasing agents) best-suited for high concentration slurry and high-speed thin film formation.

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