Product Name NOPTAM 300EZ
Composition Polyether type defoamer
Feature: NOPTAM 300EZ is a defoaming agent exhibits excellent water-dispersibility and has features below.
①Excellent defoamability
- Prevents the troubles caused by foam
- Improves the productivity by utilizing the dead volume occupied by foam
- Reduces the used amount of defoamer compared with conventional defoamer
②Not inhibit the ethanol fermentation
Typical properties (These data are not specifications.)
Appearance : Colorless liquid
Viscosity : 520mPa・s ( 25℃)
Solubility in water : Water dispersible
Application: Fermentation (Bioethanol)

Application information

  • ①NOPTAM 300EZ can be used without dilution.
  • ②NOPTAM 300EZ is normally used in the level of 100-1,000 ppm on the weight of fermentation liquor.

Bioethanol process

Performance test

  • 1.Defoamability (Factory test in Brazil, 20kL fermentation tank)
    NOPTAM 300EZ shows good defoamability compared with conventional defoamer.

  • 2.Ethanol fermentation (Sannopco laboratory test)
    Not inhibit the ethanol fermentation.

    [Test condition]

    Test solution Molasses/Water/Yeast=20g/80g/5g
    Temperature 30℃
    Usage of defoamer 170 ppm

※Please check the SDS/TDS for usage

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