INDUSTRY.02Paint and Coating
During the mixing process of paint and coatings, resins, pigments, solvents, and various additives (defoamers, rheology modifiers, dispersants and wetting agents, etc.) are used to increase the production efficiency in the paint manufacturing process and workability and coating performance in the coating film formation process.
For these purposes, we offer aqueous coating and non-aqueous coating additives.

Additives for aqueous coating

From manufacturing to application, foam presents a serious problem for paint and ink manufacturers.
Intense foaming during the pigment dispersing process and the dilution process for the pigment dispersion liquid requires that stirring speeds be lowered, causing a decrease in productivity.
Additionally, as roller coating is the main method of application and rollers easily trap air due to their structure which causes bubbles, it is essential to have a powerful defoamer.
Along with defoamers, we offer a lineup of dispersants and wetting agents, which enhance the color toning properties of the paint, and rheology modifier that attribute the appropriate viscosity for various kinds of coating methods.

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Additives for non-aqueous coating

Non-aqueous paints are used in fields that require high gloss, durability, and both water resistance and salt resistance.
Similar to our aqueous types, we carry a variety of additives (defoamers, dispersants and wetting agents, etc.) that are used to enhance production efficiency, workability, and coating performance.

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