Building a better society through our corporate activities

San Nopco Limited was established in 1966 by merging the excellent management skills of Sanyo Chemical Industries Ltd (Japan) and the superior technologies of Nopco Chemical Company (USA). In May 2001, after several foreign transitions, San Nopco was bought (100%) by Sanyo Chemical Industries Ltd.

Sanyo Chemical Industries motto — "to contribute to building a better society” — became our motto from the beginning of our company’s history and we do this by developing products based on excellent R&D work that meets the demands from ethical industries that are cutting edge.

Today, with world’s best practice, San Nopco exports 39% of our total manufactured products to 30 countries around the world … and we do this by harmonizing with the environment — resource saving, energy saving, pollution free — which is in our humble opinion, a precondition of any business in the 21st century.

At the Tenth Medium-Term Management Plan we established in 2018, in order to fulfill where we see ourselves to be in ten years, we must steadily enhance our company's base production in water based architectural coatings and pulp and paper, while entering the new field of emulsion & latex and actively expanding into global markets.

So this is our promise to you. San Nopco will continue in the pursuit of healthy business practices to supply products beyond the customer’s expectations and society.

Thank you for your continued support and best wishes,