Building a better society through our corporate activities

San Nopco Limited was established in 1966 by merging the excellent management skills of Sanyo Chemical Industries Ltd (Japan) and the superior technologies of Nopco Chemical Company (USA). In May 2001, after several foreign transitions, San Nopco was bought (100%) by Sanyo Chemical Industries Ltd.

Taking advantage of our core technologies, such as “DEFOAMER” and “DISPERSANT”, which were created through our sales, research, and production activities with abundant experience, flexibility and motivation since our founding, we are steadily expanding our business in the fields of water-based architectural coatings, pulp and paper, and emulsion & latex. We are also actively pursuing new markets, such as electric materials and the environment and energy, by further innovating our core technologies and combining them with new technologies.

In fiscal 2022, we launched a medium-term management plan. All of the staff have their ideal image in 10 years and challenge in order to fulfill it with having their proud.
We implement activities that are useful to society and the natural environment, and we propose solutions to issues and requests from the customer's perspective.

Sanyo Chemical Industries motto — “to contribute to building a better society” — became our motto from the beginning of our company’s history. Based on this philosophy, we will continue to strive to be a company that exceeds the expectations of society and our customers.

Your continued support and cooperation would be highly appreciated.