Wetting agent for spray coating


Excellent spray characteristics

Product Name NOPCALL W-2990
Composition Mixture of modified silicone, nonionic surfactant, etc.
Feature: ①NOPCALL W-2990 has excellent spray characteristics, and it improves leveling ability on substrates.
②NOPCALL W-2990 gives excellent static surface tension reduction.
③NOPCALL W-2990 is low foaming wetting agent.
Typical Properties (These data are not specifications.)
Appearance : Colorless to Pale straw colored liquid
(Slightly turbid in cold season)
Active components : 100 wt%
Ionicity : Nonionic
Viscosity : 50 mPa・s (25℃)
Application: Water-based coatings

Prohibit to export the products using NOPCALL W-2990 to Japan due to Japanese patent's matter.

※Please check the SDS/TDS for usage