NOPCALL D-5700/5900

No influence water resistance on coatings

Product Name NOPCALL D-5700/5900
Composition Aqueous solution of ammonium salt of polymeric carboxylic acid, etc.
Feature: ①NOPCALL D-5700 and NOPCALL D-5900 are special polymer dispersants.
②NOPCALL D-5700 and NOPCALL D-5900 do not influence on water resistance on coatings unlike typical polyacrylic acid type dispersant.
Typical Properties (These data are not specifications.)
Appearance : Pale straw colored liquid / Light yellow or amber hazy liquid
Specific gravity : 1.05 / 1.07 (25℃)
Viscosity : 300 / 550 mPa・s (25℃)
pH : 8.8 / 8.3 (5wt% aqueous solution)
Application: Water-based paints (metal paints, plastic paints, wood paints), Water-based inks(ink jet inks, flexo inks, gravure inks)