Foam generation affects various other industrial manufacturing processes by causing defects in products and lowering productivity. We offer excellent additives for various applications including additives for metal processing, agents for waste water, and agents for fermentation.

Additives for the processing of metal

Defoamers are used in metal processing and the process for degreasing metal surfaces (rinsing of metalworking fluids).
The defoamers used for these processes are required not only to carry exceptional anti-foaming properties, but also to have no negative effect on the metal surface, such as cratering or oil spots. We offer defoamers that are free of silicone – a common cause of cratering – and feature excellent water dispersibility, which reduces the occurrence of oil spots.

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Agents for wastewater

We offer excellent defoamers for the following kinds of wastewater treatment:
・Wastewater from the chemical industry, where foam generated by nonionic, anionic, cationic surfactants causes serious problems.
・High temperature/high alkali wastewater resulting from manufacturing processes.
・Wastewaters consisting of sewage, human waste, and pulp and paper where activated sludge treatment is used.
・Discharged wastewater requiring the regulation of oil floating/BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)/COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)

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Agents for fermentation

There are two types of fermentation: "aerobic fermentation" using aerobic microorganisms and "anaerobic fermentation" using anaerobic microorganisms. In both cases, by-products resulting from fermentation, together with the soybeans and corn starch that serve as nutrients for the microorganisms, generate foam which may become a source of serious problems. Aerobic fermentation, in particular, abounds in foam-related troubles, as air is taken into the fermentation system. We offer defoamers (for non-food use) that meet diverse fermenting conditions related to the fermented liquid’s temperature and pH and the effects caused by the defoamer on the microorganisms.

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