In meeting the demands of our clients, San Nopco Limited is concentrating on the research and development of surfactant technology and is helping support clients' businesses by providing additives such as defoamers, dispersants, wetting agents, rheology modifiers, lubricants and releasing agents that carry a diverse range of functions.

Processing Agents

These assist in achieving stable production and improving the efficiency of production processes.

  • Preventing overflow due to foaming
  • Increasing coating speed
  • Shortening the dispersion time for pigments, reducing the energy required
  • Improving the wettability for base materials

Coating Additives

These assist in the production of high-quality coating agents.

  • Reducing defects (foaming, cratering)
  • Adjusting coating thickness
  • Preventing blocking
  • Improving releasing potential
  • Improving coating film appearance (gloss, color)

San Nopco's Strengths

(1) Extensive knowledge on and experience with surfactants
With our extensive knowledge and experience in surfactant technology, we assist in solving the challenges facing our clients through the use of these additives.
We carry a wide variety of surfactants from low molecular weight and high molecular weight polymers (acrylic, urethane, ether, etc.), to ionic polymers of anionic, cationic, and nonionic types.
(2) Abundant knowledge of onsite operations
Our substantial onsite experience at our clients' actual factories and facilities allows us to offer quick and appropriate solutions to the issues that arise onsite.
(3) Comprehensive measuring equipment for foam, dispersion, viscosity, and wettablity
We carry a wide array of measuring equipment, which allows us to confirm and evaluate in our laboratory the variety of functions required by our clients.