INDUSTRY.05Civil Engineering/Construction Materials
Our products, which consist of various types of defoamers and dispersants, are used as additives to address this as well as in processes for dispersing powders in water and applying the result in construction works.
We offer additives for cement materials and the manufacturing process of particle boards.

Additives for the manufacturing of particle boards

The generation of foam during the manufacturing process (including the paper-making process) decreases drainage and reduces yield, which lowers production efficiency, decreases the particle board’s strength, and reduces water-resistance and overall quality. We offer foam-breaking, foam-suppressing, and deaerating defoamers, which improve productivity and quality.

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Additives for cement

The generation of foam during the production of cement and mortar causes serious problems in terms of durability and appearance.
We also offer powder type defoamers that can be pre-mixed with the cement material.
In addition to defoamers, we sell dispersants and appearance improving agents for concrete secondary products.

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