INDUSTRY.01Pulp and Paper
The large quantities of foam created in the manufacturing process for pulp and paper affect overall productivity and quality. Our products, which consist of various types of defoamers and dispersants, are used as additives in addressing this as well as in processes for dispersing pigments in water and applying the result for coatings
For each process, we have arranged agents for the manufacturing of kraft pulp, agents for coating and size press, and agents for paper making and waste water processes.

Agents for the manufacturing of kraft pulp

Defoamers are used to prevent troubles caused by foaming during the washing of pulp. These same defoamers are also required to provide antifoaming effects under high temperatures and highly alkali conditions and to prevent the creation of defoamer-related pitch troubles (agglomeration of resin-derived hydrophobic substances and defoamer raw materials) in the process following washing.

We have mineral oil-type defoamers with exceptional foam-breaking efficiency and silicone-type defoamers with excellent foam-suppression effects available on the market. We also carry a lineup of digestion accelerators for improving pulp yield during the digestion process and bleach accelerators for enhancing the bleaching effect during the bleaching process.

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Agents for coating and size press

All agents for coating, such as dispersants, defoamers, lubricants, water resistant agents, wetting agents, and water retention aid are added in small amounts to the coating color and, as they play a major role in stabilizing the coating process and improving the coated paper’s quality, are essential in manufacturing coated paper. We produce a wide variety of such agents.

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Agents for paper making and waste water processes

Defoamers are used to prevent troubles related to foaming during the paper making process, such as operational issues due to decreased drainage and reductions in paper strength which impacts quality. It is also essential that these defoamers do not cause reductions in size or affect the quality of the final paper product.
We have higher alcohol emulsion-type defoamers with excellent deaerating effects and polyether-type defoamers with excellent foam-breaking properties available on the market. These products show excellent performance not only in paper making but also in wastewater processes.

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