2019 November Participated in "China Coat" for the 18th consecutive year
2019 June Participated in "Latin American Coating Show" in Mexico
2018 April Participated in the exhibition "Paint India 2018"
2016 March Participated in the Exposition of Materials Supporting Innovation in Osaka
2014 August Completed a special grinding facility
2012 November Acquired DaXiang International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as the official distributor for China
2012 September Achieved 20 years without any accidents or disasters and was awarded a certificate for a record of no accidents by the Handa Labor Standards Office
2010 September Delivered a technical lecture at Surface Coating Association Australia
2007 October Installed a special high viscosity blender
2007 May Acknowledged as an accident-free office and facility by the Safety Award Committee of JCIA (Japan Chemical Industrial Association)
2005 June Awarded a prize from the Director General of the Metropolitan Fire Board at the National Safety Convention
2004 June Participated in the exhibition "Asia Pacific Coating Show" in Thailand
2004 September Signed a business partnership agreement with Münzing Chemie GmbH
2003 December Completed a new building for the R&D Center
2003 August Established San Nopco (Shanghai)Trading Co., Ltd. in China (100% owned)
2002 October First participation in the CHINA PAPER WORLD
2001 May Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. acquired all shares from Cognis B.V. and became the sole owner of San Nopco Ltd.
2001 February Acquired ISO 14001 certification for Nagoya Factory and Research Center
2000 March Foreign shareholder changed from HenkelKGaA (Germany) to Cognis B.V. (Germany)
2000 February Constructed a large-scale plant to enhance supplying capacity. Constructed an automated warehouse
2000 January Acquired ISO 9001 certification
1994 October Participated in the first "Paint Show" exhibition in Japan
1991 December Participated in the "RadTech Asia" exhibition
1991 November Participated in the "Paper Expo Asia" exhibition
1989 June Increased capital to 400 million JPY
1987 March Shareholder changed from Occidental Chemicals to Henkel KGaA in West Germany
1987 January Established San Nopco (Korea)Limited in Korea
1986 September U.S. shareholder changed to Occidental Chemicals
1985 October Completed construction of the R&D Center
1985 June Increased capital to 350 million JPY
1982 January Started market development in China
1979 June Increased capital to 300 million JPY
1979 May Set up the R&D department at Nagoya Factory to strengthen technological services
1978 June Increased capital to 200 million JPY
1974 May Completed Phase 2 of the construction of the Nagoya factory
1972 October Completed Phase 1 of the construction of the Nagoya factory
1972 August Increased capital to 50 million JPY
1967 August Increased capital to 20 million JPY
1967 May U.S. shareholder changed to Diamond Shamrock Corporation
1966 November San Nopco Limited was formed with joint capital participation by Sanyo Chemical and Nopco Chemical. Capital: 10 million JPY