Product Name NOPTAM 6030PC
Composition  Silicone-free mineral oil-based defoamer
Characteristics: ① Silicone-free defoamer for aqueous gloss paints ② Excellent defoaming performance for micro-foam ③ Does not interfere with the soil release performance of the coating film. ④ Maintains the same gloss values and defoaming performance of conventional silicone-based defoamers
Appearance : Yellow opaque liquid
Specific gravity : 0.89(25℃)
Viscosity : 400mPa・s(25℃)
Ionicity : Nonionic
Water dispersibility : Dispersible in water
Application: For aquesous coatings
For aqueous resin emulsions

Performance testing

  • 1.Testing of defoaming properties and gloss
    NOPTAM 6030PC shows similar defoaming performance and gloss as conventional silicone-based defoamers both initially and after aging (2 weeks at 2℃, 2 weeks
    at 50℃).

  • 2.Soil release testing (Coating film exposure test)
    Compared to conventional silicone-based defoamers, NOPTAM 6030PC does not interfere with the contamination resistance of the coating film.

  • 3.Micro-foam testing
    NOPTAM 6030PC shows better defoaming performance against micro-foam when compared to conventional mineral oil-based defoamers.

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