Flash rust inhibitor for water-based paint


Excellent rust (flash rust) resistance

Product Name NOPCOCHEX 2020
Composition Organic carboxylates, water, etc.
Feature: ①NOPCOCHEX 2020 exhibits excellent rust resistance (flash rust resistance) effect for aqueous coatings. In particular, it shows excellent rust prevention against steel materials.
②NOPCOCHEX 2020 does not contain nitrite.
③NOPCOCHEX 2020 does not have negative effect on the water resistance of the coating.
Typical properties (These data are not specifications.)
Appearance : Pale yellow to brown liquid
Active components : 70 wt%
pH : 7.0 (1 wt% aqueous solution)
Specific gravity : 1.09 (25℃)
Viscosity : 160 mPa・s (25℃)
Flash point : none
Freezing point : -10℃≧
Application: ・For aqueous coating

※Please check the SDS/TDS for usage